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  • 1 CPU core from 10 USD / hour
  • 4 CPU core from 32 USD / hour
  • 8 CPU core from 46 USD / hour
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Our programmers have written a special script that can collect cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (XDG), Litecoin (LTC), DASH, Peercoin (PPC), Ethereum (ETH), as well as traditional rubles or dollars From thousands of "cranes" sites around the world. Being on the digital currency market since 2012, we have accumulated a huge knowledge base and experience in this field. Our team consists of professional programmers and analysts. Over five years of experience, we have developed a trouble-free system, and our revenues are constantly growing. We guarantee a stable profit for each participant of the project.

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What is cryptocurrency?
– this is a special digital or virtual currency, one unit of which is considered a coin – coin. For example, take the most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) At the moment - 1 Bitcoin costs more than $ 20,000. Cryptocurrencies are developing at a tremendous pace and even threaten the main currency of the US Dollar, for example, back in 2015, 1 Bitcoin cost $ 360. In 2016, its price was $ 1,000, and in 2017 already $ 7000 Cryptocurrency is a completely different world, it cannot be controlled by more than one government in the world. All transactions in the system are Anonymous, while cryptocurrencies are legal except for third world countries "With totalitarian regimes" and some European countries.

How does our script for collecting cryptocurrencies work ?
There are thousands of sites that distribute various cryptocurrencies in the form of bonuses for visiting your site or watching videos. Since it is simply "UNREALISTIC" to earn something substantial in manual mode, we have created our service for you, where we have collected a proven database of sites where cryptocurrency is distributed. Our script goes online to sites with the distribution of bonuses and collects cryptocurrency to the wallets of the project, and the money collected online is displayed on the balance in the personal account (in USD at the current exchange rate) For example, the script will collect 0.05 USD from each site, we have powerful servers and the script can easily process 1000 sites within a few hours, and this is your income of 50 USD.

In other words; - to start earning - Go through a quick registration, go to your personal account and run our Bot script and ( DO NOT CLOSE the BROWSER) in a minute the first earned money will appear on your balance and you can safely withdraw them to an electronic wallet or bank card. How does our project earn ? We take a commission from your earned amount in the amount of 30 %

Why do users need to participate in our project ? ( why don 't we earn by ourselves ? )
Bonuses are usually distributed once every 24 hours to one ip address ( that is , to a unique computer ) That is, it is 1000 times more profitable to involve living people in this process, rather than using expensive servers. What is the load on your computer ? In fact, there is practically no load on your PC. We work through our VPS (via your ip address) For you, all the work will take place right in the browser. Just run the script in the office and go about your business (WITHOUT CLOSING the BROWSER) The more your computer works per day, the more you will earn.

  • Safely We protect all user data with a 256-bit EV SSL security certificate
  • Law FirmWe are a registered company in the United Kingdom under #10980329.
  • Access Work with us no matter where you are. There are no restrictions even for users from China
  • Income You can be sure of a constant source of income Regardless of the circumstances
  • Support Our support will answer your questions as soon as possible Just write
  • Instant payments Your money will be sent to your wallet or card as soon as you submit your application.
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